Rachel Hepburn

Chief Client Officer, BE Vivid
Rachel started her career in marketing and communications over 25 years ago with experience on
both client and agency sides. Rachel brings a total understanding of business relationships on all
sides. Vertical sector experience includes media, retail, leisure, travel and in more recent years
working with clients across a range of professional services including legal, banking, fin-tech
amongst others.
In her current role as Chief Client Officer at BE Vivid, Rachel advocates client relationships for all live
event campaigns from conception through to delivery. With the customer experience at the heart of
every live event, the driving point comes from a deep understanding of the client's business and
their objectives. Providing excellent customer service, Rachel maintains overall project responsibility
on behalf of the client ranging from supplier selection, team management, budget control and
campaign measurement.
Rachel is also a mentor to under-graduates and Masters students at the University of Sussex
business school, which benefits those transitioning from education into employment. She has
become a valuable support to the students at the University of Brighton, initially through taking
guest lectures and workshops on the MSc International Event Management degree programme,
providing consultancy opportunities, supported internships for students and most recently being
appointed as the Events Management sector representative and marketing professional on The
Service Management Industry Board.